Barcode Software Encoder

A software Encoder is bundled with ConnectCode to help you easily use the barcode fonts. This Encoder implements the calculation of the Check Digit (Check Character) , the automatic addition of Start/Stop characters and Parity Positioning. You will be able to simply key in the data as a text string (for encoding into barcode) and leave the character mappings and other conversion details to the Encoder.

Using the Encoder, you will be able to preview the final output of the font and Copy or Paste the barcode into any text application or editor. It will definitely save you time in using the ConnectCode barcode fonts.

The Encoder can be started from your Windows Start Menu.


  • Data - The data to be encoded as a barcode.
  • Barcode - The type of barcode to generate.
  • Check Digit - Whether to automatically generate the check digit of the barcode. If the barcode does not support Check Digit, this option will be ignored.
  • Human Text - Some barcodes like EAN and UPC can have text overlayed with the barcode.
  • Generate ISSN/ISBN - Whether to generate the ISSN, ISBN or ISBN 13 number when creating a EAN13 barcode. The number will be placed on top of the barcode.
  • Bearer's Bar - For ITF14 barcode only. Either a Top/Bottom or Rectangle Bearers bar can be selected.
  • Encode - Generate the bacode based on the options selected.
  • Font Name - The barcode font used to generate the barcode. This is automatically selected by the Encoder.
  • Font Size - The barcode size can be increased/decreased by changing the Font Size. A default size is selected by the Encoder when a barcode is generated.
  • Show as Text - Display the encoding characters of the barcode.
  • Copy Barcode to Clipboard - Copy the output to the Windows Clipboard. You will then be able to paste the output to any Windows application supporting the ClipBoard.