Integrating Barcode Fonts With Visual C++

SampleFont_MFC_Native is a VC++ (MFC) project that demonstrates the integration of the ConnectCode DLL with  VC++ . The source code for SampleFont_MFC_Native is provided in the download below and requires Visual Studio 2003 or later to compile. For the barcodes to be properly displayed, the trial version of ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack has to be installed .

The following shows a screenshot of the sample in Vista.


Download the executable and source code.

The ConnectCode Barcode Fonts DLL and the source for the SampleFont_MFC_Native sample are free to use and can be compiled and distributed with users' applications as long as they are being used with any one of the registered barcode font packs. Redistribution of ConnectCode's fonts will, however, require a Distribution or Unlimited Distribution License.

Steps for integrating the DLL into your VC++  project

1) To integrate the dll into your VC++ project, you will need to include the header file connectcodefont.h and link with connectcodefont.lib.  These two files can be found in the compressed package

2) Make calls to the DLL to encode the input data. For example

CString inputstr;
inputstr = "12345678";
char outputbuf[2048];
Encode_Code39((LPSTR) LPCTSTR(inputstr), 0,outputbuf,2048);

The result will be placed in the outputbuf buffer.

3) Choose the appropriate barcode font for the text contained inoutputbuf. For example, if you are using Encode_Code39, then the font to choose should be CCode39_S3. (If you are developing with the Trial version of ConnectCode Font Pack, the font to choose would be CCCode39_S3_Trial instead)


The SampleFont_MFC_Native sample includes all the above steps in a short and easy to understand program.

Note that the barcodes generated with the Trial version of ConnectCode Font Pack will have horizontal lines across them.