Barcode in MS Word

Use the following steps below to create a barcode in Microsoft Word or any text or graphics editor.
  1. Launch Microsoft Word and start a blank document.
  2. Run ConnectCode Encoder from the Windows Start Menu (ConnectCodeTrial->Encoder).
  3. In the Encoder, choose the barcode you will like to use and key in the data to encode.
  4. Click the Encode button
  5. Make sure the option "Show as text" is not selected/checked
  6. In the Preview section of the Encoder, copy the barcode by pressing on "Ctrl" key followed by the "C" (keeping the "Ctrl" key pressed). This will copy the barcode.
  7. Goto Microsoft Word and click on the menu Edit->Paste to paste the barcode

Mail Merge with Excel

You will be able to create barcodes in Excel and do a Mail Merge into Word.
  1. Create an Excel file with barcodes as discussed in the Excel Tutorial.
  2. Launch Microsoft Word.
  3. Display the Mail Merge Toolbar by choosing View->Toolbars->Mail Merge from the menu..
  4. Click the Main Document Setup Button to setup your document size.
  5. Click the Open Data Source button.

  6. Choose the Excel file created in the first step.
  7. Insert a merge field into MS Word using the Insert Merge Fields buttton. Choose the field in Excel where the barcode is defined.
  8. Click on the View Merged Data button. This will display the encoded barcode data.
  9. Select and highlight the encoded barcode data and then choose the appropriate barcode font. e.g. CCode128_S3_Trial etc.