Open Source Code Advantage

In addition to the Excel formulas, documentation and integrated graphical user interface, TraderCode comes with complete source code for the formulas of the technical indicators. This is unlike many other vendors who only provide the application software binary.

The benefit to having access to the source code to the technical indicators is obvious. It allows you to learn how a particular indicator is implemented in details and improves your overall understanding of the indicators. This in turn improves your confidence in the execution of your buy and sell strategies.

Furthermore, you will be able to customize or build on top of the existing indicators to create new indicators. Many indicators have evolved over the years and they are typically variations of existing technical analysis functions. The source code will allow traders to combine indicators to create new models.

The source code also allows third party vetting of the indicators, ensuring that traders are generating the exact charts that they require. This is an important requirement for institutions audits and transparency. There will be no need to guess how a particular technical indicator is implemented.

All the technical indicators are implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which is a core component of Microsoft Excel.

Even if you do not have any prior experience in Excel or VBA, you can easily get started with TraderCode. The software also comes with a complete foundation course on Microsoft Excel and VBA. This is a Commercial Grade Training that teaches everything from Excel to VBA. You can be assured that at the end of the course, you will be able to understand the VBA source code and even perform simple VBA programming.

Time and Effort Advantage

By adopting TraderCode, you can save significant amount of time and effort constructing your own formulas for analysis and backtesting. The Technical Indicators in TraderCode are a result of years of experience by knowledgable traders. It also involves many hours of testing to guarantee that the formulas are correct.

You also do not need to make significant investments in recurring software costs and will be able to use TraderCode in Microsoft Excel, which is a widely adopted software.

Software Maintenance Advantage

TraderCode comes with a 1 year free software maintenance upgrades. All major and minor versions upgrade will be provided free. Priority support of the product will also be provided to ensure problem-free usage of the software.

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